Josh & Angie Preissner

I am a self-taught adventure, outdoor & lifestyle photographer based in Wisconsin. It's easy to postpone our dreams until "someday" but the reality is that we aren't guaranteed anything in life, and we deserve to pursue happiness. It's always been a dream of mine to travel and to see where the road goes, to follow it to new places, new people and to experience a different side of life. In 2012 I decided to make my dream reality and started Blue Goose Visuals. Since then my life on the road and my career in photography has been driven by my constant hunt for happiness and my passion for adventure. I've been creating a documentary about each trip, its purpose, the people and experiences along the way.

“Happiness is only real when shared.” – Into the Wild

As chance would have it, Angie and I met through photography. She is the newest addition to BGV and helps with day to day operations, lighting and works with the models. She also ensures the wheels don't fall off on this adventure we call life.

Instead of creating contrived scenes, I create authentic moments and capture them as they unfold before me. Branding is vital and to create effective media, it requires a team. If you are looking for a partner that strives to ignite enthusiasm in others and want to achieve that branding goal, I hope you take a moment to consider me.